What is Midon Design Working on?
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We get a lot of questions about current and upcoming projects, so I thought it was fair to post this to let our loyal customers know what we are working on.

Don't forget to check out the FAQ sections for the projects for answers to common questions.

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LOG08 and LOG08-II

November 27, 2014: LOG08 and LOG08-II are discontinued.

V2.07 was the final released software for LOG08-II for units with 128K memory.  V3.03 was the final released software for units with 256K memory.

Links to our old information pages for LOG08 are available here.


November 27, 2014: Due to obsolescence of some key components, the processor used in TEMP08 has been changed to a newer version.  As a result some hardware changes were necessary and some minor user interface changes have been made.

V4.06 for TEMP08 is now the current shipping product. Please visit the software page for details of the changes.

Note to interface developers: significant syntax changes have been made starting with V2.20.  Please review the instruction manual and the Syntax Manual for details.


November 27, 2014: 1WSwitch is discontinued.  V1.02 was the last released software version. Please review the User Guide for details of the changes.


RS232Relay is available and provides an easy to use RS232 serial interface for 4 Form C relays.  See the User Guide for details and operation.


NOTE: TEMP05 ceased production in June 2003.  It was replaced by the TEMP08.


November 27, 2014: We no longer offer the MD3020E humidity sensor and MD3020 series of temperature sensors. The 1WIO sensor is also discontinued.  We still offer DS18S20 and DS2438 components as sensors.


STATX10 - we never had much appeal for this product and discontinued it in 2003.  The code and schematics are still available for our version should anyone be interested.


Sorry folks, but very few people ever expressed any interest in this product so we stopped development on it and no longer offer kits or parts.  We updated the Instruction Manual to better allow you to "roll your own".  We have also posted the PCB layout.  Please note that the programming software used is not supported and really only works on Win98 PC's reliabily. WinXP PC's can use the programming software in DOS mode only.


With the release of 1WIO, we felt that the RELAY05 project had become obsolete and we discontinued it.

RoHS and Midon Products

The European Union issued a directive that went into effect July 1, 2006 requiring major electronic devices to be free of lead, cadmium and other hazardous substances (see the UK link here: UK RoHS).  Midon products are not compliant to these directives, so European users should order at their own risk.  Midon believes that our products fall under Category 9 of the RoHS directive and are exempt, however individual countries within the EU are making determinations for exemption on a case by case basis and it is possible that your local authorities may not agree with the exemption.  If this occurs, please return your product to Midon.  We do have RoHS compliant PCB's and processors available via special order if you want to build your own TEMP08.

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